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What makes Anthony Fok a ‘super tutor’?

‘Super tutor’ was first coined by the local media in the year 2008. Anthony Fok was
featured as one of the top 5 ‘super tutors’ in the year 2008. Having taught more than
15 years, he has been featured in numerous local and overseas media as a top
economics tutor in Singapore.

How is a typical economics tuition class like?

The lessons are lecture-styled and are mainly focussed on bridging the gap between
content understanding and application to answering examination-styled questions.

What is the difference between H1 and H2 economics?

All H1 and H2 students will be placed in the same class. This is because the topics
are largely similar for both H1 and H2. The slight difference between H1 and H2 are
topics such as Market Structure, Cross Elasticity of Demand, Income Elasticity of
Demand, which are covered in JC 1 for most colleges.
The difference between H1 and H2 is largely the examination format. For H1,
students need to do 2 case studies questions. For H2, students need to do 2 case
studies and 3 out of 6 essay questions.
H2 students will need to attend additional payable classes in June holidays, August
and September to cover the extra topics for the H2 syllabus. H1 students do not
need to pay nor attend the additional classes.

Does Anthony Fok teach Economics tuition at student’s home?

No. There is no private tuition available.

Is Anthony Fok the only economics tutor in the tuition centre?

Yes. Anthony Fok only specialises in economics tuition.

How does Anthony Fok keep abreast of the latest developments in the economics syllabus?

Anthony Fok has a network of professional connections teaching in MOE schools.
He will be able to continue being updated with the latest requirements for the
economics examination and be constantly aligned with the latest format and content

Is the Economics ten-year-series (TYS) still useful?

The ten-year-series (TYS) is an annual publication, which compiles all of the past 10
years’ GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examination questions. The TYS has been used in
schools for more than four decades. Students claim that the TYS shows a pattern in
the types of questions asked over the years. Nonetheless, the questions now tend
not to repeat in the future examinations, unlike in the past. Although the TYS is still
relevant since knowing how well you do in an actual past-year paper gives you an
indication of how prepared you are, students should also equip themselves with
more than the TYS such as other guidebooks which covers the syllabus adequately
as well. Following from this, Mr Anthony Fok has written a series of Economics
guidebooks which covers areas such as evaluation points, diagrams, summary notes
book and model essays which will facilitate the students in their revision.

Does Anthony Fok offer a trial lesson?

Due to the limited vacancies available, JC Economics Education Centre is unable to
offer a trial lesson. However, in the unlikely event that you do not benefit from the
lessons, you are free to withdraw from the classes at the end of 4 lessons.

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